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Poster session "100 posters for century"

The time of the Plenary Sessions of the Congress is limited, while the range of achievements in physics in Poland is very wide. That is why on the second day of the Congress (October 17) we will organize an open poster session "100 posters per century" , at which physicists working in Poland will present a wealth of directions of basic and application research that our environment can boast of.  

As we would like to invite teachers, students, journalists and other people interested in science to our Congress, we want the presented posters to be prepared in an attractive and accessible way for non-physicists. The submitted abstracts were qualified by the program committee appointed by the Congress Organizing Committee. It is worth emphasizing that we are celebrating the jubilee of the century, so more important than the novelty of the presented achievements will be their impact on the development of science, economy and technology.  

We believe that every success of a Polish physicist, both smaller and larger, fits perfectly into the character of this session, and therefore is also an important element of the history of physics in Poland. Our dream is to make the topic of each of the posters interesting enough for the general public that journalists participating in the Congress will create popular science articles, and even short radio or television programs. Let Polish physics become an important element of Poles' awareness during this year.