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Polish Physical Society

The aims of the Polish Physical Society (PTF - pol. Polskie Towarzystwo Fizyczne) are:
  1. dissemination of physics and related sciences, raising the general level of physical knowledge among the public and supporting the development of physics in Poland,
  2. developing links between physicists employed in education, science and in various branches of the economy,
  3. representing the physicists' community among the public, towards state and local government bodies, as well as other public and private organizations in Poland and abroad.
The Polish Physical Society achieve its goals in particular by:
  1. supporting or organizing research in physics, rewarding and disseminating it,
  2. publishing activity in the field of physics and its applications,
  3. conducting, supporting and rewarding educational activities related to teaching physics at all levels,
  4. supporting the popularization of physics and its achievements,
  5. organizing and developing cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific institutions and societies.
The work of the Polish Physical Society is managed by the Main Board: Members of the PTF Main Board:

At least fifteen ordinary PTF members interested in spreading the idea and implementing the PTF program may establish a PTF branch.

PTF Branches: